Market in Itoshima


Cumbria is famous for its farm shops, winning more awards, I'm sure, than any other other part of the country.  They are usually weekly events, but such is the hunger of the main producers that they take their vans 270 miles down the M6 to sell in Borough Market in London, which operates every day.

Splendid though Borough Market is, it's a feeble affair compared with the farmers' markets in Itoshima. The farmers in Itoshima take on the supermarkets and win.  They operate 7 days a week, on a huge scale.  The one pictured represents 1,200 farmers, most of them organic.  It's indoors, with a huge car park and is packed all the time. They also sell fish, with a quantity and variety which is simply unknown in the UK.  It thrives, of course, because that's what the customer wants.  If only it were the same at home.

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