Itoshima Oyster Huts

When Hilton Hotels bought a mountain by the coast in Itoshima and wanted to build a resort their plans were thwarted by the local fisherman.  The promise of a massive boost to the local economy was overcome by worries about the possibility that the crystal waters of the coastline might be polluted.  

Nothing could be allowed to threaten the purity of the oysters which are cultivated here.  

There are restaurants in Fukuoka which sell nothing but oysters, served raw, and cooked in a myriad of ways.  It's quite an experience to be served 6 courses, all of them variations on the oyster theme.  But the best place to eat oysters is on the beach in Itoshima.  As soon as autumn comes, big huts are erected on the beach, dedicated to serving oysters. They are cooked on a barbecue which is placed in the middle of each table. The yellow coats are to protect your clothing from splashes.  And for those who need a Hilton, there's a 36 storey monster in the city.

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