New arrival into the Slow Life

Getting to the station

I got to Fukuoka on the 05 October after having relaxed hard on Okinawa for a couple days. I knew ” Big Boss Matt” was going to collect me from the Maebaru-Chikuzen train station.

From Fukuoka airport it took me about 45 minutes to get there. When I arrived, there was no sign of Matt yet. A quick whatsapp message using the Wifi from a nearby Familymart, made it clear that Matt was on his way and would arrive in 15 minutes.

So I had a little walk around and after talking to a couple people noticed there is a world of difference in openness of people in different parts of Japan. Compared to Tokyo the people here seemed way more open and genuinely interested.

After some more minutes Matt arrived and we were on our way to the “spot”. It was a short drive through Japanese farms and rice paddies surrounded by mountains in the distance. Even though it was dark, I could see enough of the landscape to be almost hypnotized, especially as it was my first time visiting Japanese Countryside.

Getting to the house

After about 30 minutes I finally arrived to the house and my first impression was how dark and deserted the surroundings looked. Nonetheless I was extremely curious to see the house and the area where I will work in its full glory during the daytime. Everyone who was already in the house was very welcoming and we started off with a beer and a chat. Definitely feels like a good spot to stay for a month (or 2 …)

First day of work

After an excellent nights rest in the tatami room (I love sleeping on the floor) and waking up at 0730, I finally got to witness the amazing views from the house.

After a quick breakfast we started work at 0800. The view from where we were working was equally as amazing looking out over the ocean and the curvy road alongside it. Our job was mainly clearing the land in preparation of building a house and planting gardens. Think cutting down small trees and bushes with a handsaw and throw them all on one of the perpetual fires we have going.  Hard work, especially because of the temperature and high humidity, but very satisfying to see how fast you see results in the work you do. (Also the view definitely helped).

The Views Aswin

Luckily the workdays only go from 0800 to 1300. Plenty of time for yourself. Speaking of which… gotta wrap this, going to have a quick dip in the ocean to cool myself down after a “long” day of work.

I think I am going to like this place!

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