American girl in Itoshima

My name is Nora, I am a 22 year old American travelling in Japan. I’ve been living the slow life in Itoshima for nearly a week now. This past June I earned my B.A. and, for the first time in my life, I am not a student.

To figure out how I want to live, I decided I wanted to see how people live in Japan. I took the opportunity to come to Itoshima to help clear land for an English style garden.

Living here with 10 other people has allowed for cultural exchange between American, Canadian, Polish, Dutch, Danish, English, and Japanese people. While we are still building a relationship with the community, I am eager to discover what life is like for Itoshima locals.

Our sharehouse is a short walk from the beach, where there is always a group of surfers riding the rough waves of the Pacific. It is a pleasure to be residing in such an idyllic location with such a diverse and beautiful group of people who are all working toward a shared goal!

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