Welcome to the very first slow life Japan post.
Our aim with this blog is to keep everyone who might be interested up to date on the progress and also give you a glimpse of the slow life.

About the project

Land overlooking the ocean

There are 10,000 square metres of virgin land overlooking the ocean in rural Itoshima, known for its relaxed lifestyle and beaches.

The first phase of our project is to clear the land in preparation for the creation of a new garden and English-style house.

We are beginning the first phase of our project on 25 September and will complete it 15 December.

The garden waiting to be renovated

The garden will be planted with exotic plants and flowers, and also fruit and vegetables for consumption in the house.
Two plots of land will be used for growing tea.

The living space

Dining space

On site there is a house that was constructed 18 years ago. The house is Japanese styled with many western influences. It has four bedrooms, a Japanese style bathroom with large bath and shower, and a Japanese toilet.

Tatami bedroom

Three of the bedrooms are Japanese styled with tatami flooring where futons are provided to sleep on. The other bedroom is more western styled with hardwood flooring and a raised bed.

The surrounding area

Located on the edge of idyllic Itoshima, the area is perfect to relax and unwind. Even though it is a remote and peaceful area, there are still plenty of places to see in the vicinity.

Beach 5 minutes walk from the house

Apart from the beach, with its safe swimming and surfing, there are all kinds of water sports. The area is known for its oyster huts, where freshly farmed oysters and other seafood is barbecued on the beach. The world-famous

Sakurai shrine and the Futamigaura beach are close by. There are dramatic waterfalls and sea trips.

Fukuoka, rated the number 7 city in the world, is half an hour’s drive away, and can be reached by Japan’s renowned public transport system.

What’s next?

Volunteers will begin to arrive on September 24th and will keep you posted on their progress and adventures!

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